List of Old School Punk Music

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MinutemenProject Mersh Vol 1

36 Tracks Year: 1981-83 This is actually Punch Line

(1981) and What Makes a Man Start Fires (1983) on one CD.

These songs will stay with you forever.


Flipper – Album – Generic Flipper

9 Tracks Year: 1982 Vocalist Will Shatter died in 1987

Nothing new added to this from the vinyl version,

but this is one of those CDs that you will listen to forever.


Dead Kennedys – Plastic Surgery Disasters


Halloween – Riot – Religious Vomit are the best on the record

A CD you should listen to from start to finish!

Husker DuNew Day Rising HEAR SAMPLES

15 Songs Year: 1985 Essential to own at least ONE CD by this

Not completely ‘old school’, but more of a very aggressive college
rock band. Came out on SST Records.

You may also want the one that came out before this called Zen
(23 tracks)

Government IssueComplete History Vol 1-2CD

80 Songs Year: 1981-86

Includes ‘Make An Effort’ EP, ‘Boycott Stabb’
EP, songs from the ‘Flipside’ LP, ‘Joyride’ LP, The ‘Fun Just Never
Ends’ LP, ‘Give Us Stabb Or Give Us Death’ LP, ‘Live’ LP, Self Titled
LP and more.

This is all their earlier stuff.

B.G.K.The Complete Works of B.G.K.

46 songs Year: 1982-1987

Fast, loud, and intense.

One of the lesser known ‘3-letter acronym bands’.

KrautComplete Recordings – 1981-86

27 songs

Year: 1981-86 Great HC/Punk

Black FlagEverything Went Black

25 songs Year: 1981

This is all the pre Henry Rollins Black Flag

All recorded from 1978 to 1981 and released in 1983.

The Freeze Token Bones

30 songs Year: 1980 – 1996

This is a compilation of assorted tracks from the band from the
Boston hardcore scene.

Mission of BurmaVs.

16 songs Year: 1982 An ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE punk recording. Very different from anything else in that time period.

MinutemenDoubles Nickles on the Dime

43 songs Year: 1984 Pretty much ANYTHING by this band is good.

The AdolescentsAdolescents

26 tracks Year: 1981 Includes their EP Welcome to Reality

Government IssueComplete History Vol 2 2CD

51 Songs Year: 1986-1989 ‘You’, ‘Crash’, ‘Finale’, rare stuff, and unreleased live tracks.
This is all their more melodic stuff from the late 80’s.

7 Seconds Walk Together… CD
Circle Jerks Golden Shower of Hits CD 1983
Angry Samoans Back from Samoa CD 1982
JFA – We Know You Suck CD 1982-83
Crucif*cks Our Will Be Done – CD – Discography (awesome)
Crass Christ the Album 2 CDs – 1982
Black Flag- Slip It In
Proletariat – Soma Holiday
American Hardcore: The History Of American Punk Rock 1980-1986
Hardcore Punk classics from the 80s - Listen and LEARN!