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Music Reviews:

Hammerhead - Global Depression Vinyl Release

A 6 song EP of brutal riffs and precision instrumentation

Just got the New Lumber Jerks 3 Track EP

This 3-Track E.P. was recorded on reel to reel analog tape at Treehouse Records in Chicago, IL. Released April 15th, 2014 Available via BandCamp

Radical Fun Time - Awesome Adventure Vinyl LP

21071 Pine Center DR. , Zerkel MN 56621 - Hand screened and spray painted goodness.

The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure CD

Their style, throughout the CD, sounds like a band that would fit in well with bands in the post-Lookout Records Green Day area. The last track Dust to Dust is a quieter song.

GBH - Leather Lp with song lyrics on record.

DI Song List - vinyl

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit Orange Cover Vinyl