Recommended Noise Rock Bands

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Noise Rock bands:

Live Skull – much more mellow compared to Hammerhead or Mount Shasta, but they are often called noise rock.
VAZ – This is Ex-Hammerhead – full intensity noise rock!
Swans – slower sludge rock, not all that noisy, but also called noise rock.
Of Cabbages and Kings – (see Swans)
Sonic Youth – Also called noise rock, but they really don’t fit with the regular noise rock bands.
Lung – Three Heads on a PlateSimilar to an AMRep sound. This is their second release, their first one is called Cactii – Cactii is VERY HARD to find. They used to be called CLEAR – they released 1 record called Live Stomach in 1990. Too bad all of this is hard to find.

Melvins – 1992 – Yeah, we took this picture, pre digital-camera stuff.


Other Recommended Noise Rock CDs:

Mount Shasta – Who’s the Hottie CD – usually on Amazon for under $3
Mount Shasta – Watch Out CD – worth it for the Tang Dynasty track
Dazzling Killmen – Face of Collapse – slow and WAY OVERPRICED at around $40 used!
Engine Kid – Bear Catching Fish – CD – lesser known, slower heavy, on C/Z
Milkmine – Braille – CD – on Choke Records
Craw – Craw CD – on Choke Records
Jaks – Hollywood Blood Capsules – on Chore Records – An intense jesus lizard type.
Cherubs – Icing CD – very demented cover picture – great pounding angry noise.
BrainBombs – Taste and Power – Genius and Brutality – BlackJack Rec. – PsychoNoise
Head of David – Dustbowl – CD – Another good one that is hard to find. If you do you will end up paying a zillion dollars for it (anything over $18 is a zillion) This may also fit under the psychotic rock section
Terminal Cheesecake – CD we heard good things about this band…
Unsane – Had one CD on AmRep
SteelPole Bathtub – Lurch CD – Great band until they went to a more major label
US Maple – Purple On Time CD – Ex Shorty, from Chicago.


Band: Nice Strong Arm

Other bands often listed in this category:

Big Black, Shellac, Today is the Day, Tar.

So, who did we forget??

Note: we mainly want to list bands from the 80’s and 90’s.