Three Mile Pilot

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If you are familiar with this band you may not completely consider 3MP a noise rock band, but we are listing them in the noise rock section for their release titled Chief Assassin to the Sinister.

This CD was released in 1993, their 2nd full length, which is completely different than all of their other releases. On Chief Assassin to the Sinister the sound throughout all songs is dark, angry, and, well, on the NOISE side. A comparison to this release would be every release by Nice Strong Arm (Homestead Records). When Nice Strong Arm broke up, they later reformed as Timco. Timco, like Three Mile Pilot on all of their other releases, sound quiet and undistorted, but still have a SLIGHT feel of the noise rock.

Chief Assassin is a complete CD, each song complimenting the previous song. Listen to just ONE song on this, and you will get a sense of the whole CD.

Totally amazing.


The Chief Assassin to the Sinister