My Dad is Dead 25th Anniversary Downloads

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Email from My Dad is Dead:

Pls excuse the mass mailing, but just wanted to let you all know that MDID will be celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year with a bunch of “historical” content, most of which will be available from links directly from the MDID website, and also from our new partners at

This month, 2 new digital only releases are available from Bandcamp. ( Bandcamp is a web hosting provider for bands that allows for the posting of digital .wav files, which they then offer back to fans in various different formats, depending on your preference. You can listen to both releases for free at bandcamp, and download the entire release as a .zip file or individual tracks as you desire.

“Missing Pieces” – full album download $10

17 tracks of studio rarities, compilation tracks, B sides, and unreleased gems, together all in one compilation for the first time. None of these ever appeared on any MDID album. For the MDID “completist”

“There Ain’t No Words – parts 1-3”

39 tracks of 4 track demo recordings. These are song ideas mostly from the “dormant” period of the band from 1996-2002, along with a few older things thrown in too. As the title implies, these are raw demos that never reached the point of having lyrics added. These are mostly unedited, real time, straight from the bedroom lo-fi recordings. As such, they are a name your own price download… Get ’em for free or throw some cash our way so we can actually work on the current group of demos and make “real” songs out of ’em.

To come shortly, also at bandcamp, a consolidated press file – combining 20-25 interviews in pdf format with the band by various mags and fanzines over the last 2 decades. We think you will find it enjoyable reading if you’re a fan of the band who “skipped the details” the first time around. This will be a free download.

Thanks to everyone who’s been a fan over the last quarter century.. it’s been a fun ride!


My Dad is Dead – Amazing music you just may listen to forever.