Palo Verde – Heavy Sludge Rock

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Feb 2012 – PALO VERDE is a highly improvisational all-female, metal/sludge/noise duo from Portland OR. The band initially formed as experimental double-drum duo called Stick-It-In but evolved into the current improvisational guitar/drums incarnation. Since 2006, they have performed extensively in the Northwest and throughout the U.S., sharing the stage with bands such as Jucifer, Thrones, Black Elk, Japanther, and Kusikia. Drummer Lauren K also plays guitar in the blistering LKN.

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Black Sabbath, Shellac, Jucifer.

“…You know you’re in for a good show when the drummer blows her nose in her tee shirt and slams a Red Bull before the first song. (Palo Verde) launched into their tunes, each set improvised on the spot. “We try to get some nice textures,” Newman laughed from underneath her mop of black matted hair. The group’s violent, chugging riffs moved from math rock to deep grooves, often alternating into call and response snare hits. Kleinknect’s guitar work acts as a sonic floor for Newman’s out of control, drums-as-lead-instrument attack, beating on her kit with the blunt, bottom end of her drumsticks. The ladies only performed 3 songs, but each one felt like a work out, and the bloody and bruised crowd cheered as they finished, satisfied and maybe even a little relieved…”
released 10 January 2012

Sounds like a better Melvins: