Sacripolitical 1993 EP Punk Download

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Sacripolitcal’s 1993 EP Peace: Under Our Supervision for free download at:

Sacripolitical was an American punk rock band from Marin County, California. First formed in 1982, Sacripolitical played their final show in 1993. They were part of a small but lively 1980’s Marin County punk rock scene that included other bands such as The Pukes, White Stag, UXB and Ludovico Technique.

For most of their decade-long existence, Sacripolitical focused on performance, playing at underground warehouse shows as well as at the few Marin clubs catering to punk; such as The Sleeping Lady Café, The Flashback Café, and The Shelter. During the mid-1980’s, they also played regularly at San Francisco clubs such as Club Foot, The Sixth Street Rendezvous and Club Chameleon.

In 1984, two of their songs appeared on the Marin punk compilation tape titled Marin Underground, which was dedicated to the late Ricky Paul of The Pukes. Band members were, at various times, interviewed or featured on the Maximum Rock N Roll radio program, and their songs “Peace: Under Our Supervision” and “Napalm Baby” received radio play on local Bay Area stations such as KPFA, KALX, and KUSF.