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“Powerpop for the Punk Generation” was the slogan for a recent album by classic 1977 UK Punk band The Carpettes. For almost 35 years they have been making music which fuses the raw energy of the original punk movement with some damned good tunes! This August sees the band, finally perform in The USA for the very first time.

Founder member George Maddison, “ We`ve done The UK, the whole of Europe, Japan, T. V. and Radio, but the one ambition remaining was to play in America. We’re really looking forward to this one”

“Having started in the now magical year of 1977, The Carpettes all but invented pop-punk, debuting on the Small Wonder Records label with the classic 7” “How About Me And You”. After a couple of albums on Beggars Banquet, several singles, tours of Europe and BBC TV and Radio appearances (the legendary John Peel Show and The Old Grey Whistle Test) the band eventually split up in 1981.

In 1996 the band reformed to play the Holidays in the Sun Festival. Over the next few years The Carpettes played the occasional festival and did a few short tours, including two visits to Japan, which resulted in the release of “Fair Play To ‘Em” (2002), their first album in almost two decades, on the Japanese Disc Union Label.

“Fair Play To ‘Em” gained critical acclaim from all corners of the globe and The Carpettes suddenly found themselves with a new lease of life. Fans in droves, new and old, tuned in to the super catchy pop-punk sound that has always been the band’s trademark. Make no mistake about it, The Carpettes invented the sound that put Green Day & Co. in the charts.”

“It’s funny. The Carpettes still have all the bounce and commercial verve they always did during halcyon Punk daze (Mick Mercer, Melody Maker)

“This is one of those rare cases where a band gets back together and is as good, if not even better than before” (Alan Wright, Cosmik Debris)

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NDN Records P.O. Box 131471, The Woodlands, Texas 77393-1471, USA
The band was formed in 1977 by Neil Thompson (vocals, guitar), George Maddison (bass), and Kevin Heard (drums) (all three had played together since 1974 in Brown Sugar),[1] The band’s first release, the Radio Wunderbar EP, released on the Walthamstow-based indie label, Small Wonder The band named their follow-up single “Small Wonder” in the label’s honor] They recorded two sessions for John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 show in 1978, however between these two sessions, Kevin Heard was to be replaced by former Young Bucks drummer Tim Wilder.[3] In 1979, they signed to Beggars Banquet Records, who issued their debut album, Frustration Paradise, towards the end of that year, the band now associated with the Mod revival of the time. A second album followed in 1980, with a final single released in December that year, before the band split up in June 1981 after war drove them apart.]
The band reunited in 1996 to perform at the first Holidays in the Sun festival, with Thompson and Maddison joined by Thompson’s brother Paul This led to a permanent reunion and the release of a new album in 2002, Fair Play to ‘Em. In 2005 Neil Thompson Left the band and was replaced with Jimmy Devlin, a member of the Glasgow based Just Another Dream. A final album was recorded featuring Paul Thompson playing drums on several tracks and another Glaswegian, Jim Cosgrove on the rest of the album. This was released on the Texas based NDN Record label and apart from a final tour of Germany, was the last layering of the Carpettes story.

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