Abyssal Creatures – Social Awkwardness

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October 2011 – Wacked out 16 track CD that quickly brings to mind, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??? After several listens it all becomes clearer. The music idea is a non-traditional low-fi combination of early 80’s new wave mixed with college level art punk. The sound reminds me of those rare (and expensive) weird punk records from 1981, like the 3-0 Band. Some of the more interesting track names are: The Most Disturbing Interlude, Operators Don’t Appreciate Conversation, and Old Gymnasiums Turned into Dance Halls. The music is fun, really. Recommended for those that like their punk music ‘way out there’. It is good, in a good way.

It is demented while having an underlying listenable song style.

Better than other bands that do the “standard tired power chord punk with seemingly catchy choruses with easy to spell words“. Abyssal Creatures have that Art College students writing music feeling. The whole CD could be considered Picasso put to music.

Cubists Unite!


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ah, DJ Super Pooper!!!1