Dirty Filthy Mugs – Up in the Downs CD Review

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From start to finish this new CD is a full-on buzz of keg punk done right. Everything including the intro and outro to the CD flows together so well you will want to always play the CD in its entirety.

Often compared to Dropkick Murphy’s and AC/DC, but the Dirty Filthy Mugs really have their own sound and energy that comes through their songwriting and delivery.

Just listen to Bodkin Downs and you will know right away how good this band really is. One of those bands that couldn’t write a bad song if they tried.

All songs written by their guitarist Ace Facial except for She’s a Riot, written by Ace Facial and Timbecile.

A 2011 release on DC Jam Records.
The Dirty Filthy Mugs are from California.