Lung – Cactii CD

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This band has to be one of the greatest bands you never heard. Their sound could easily fit in with the sound of Touch and Go Records or Amphetamine Reptile. The only band that comes to mind with a similar sound is Wreck(on C/Z Records). Discovered this band by buying a bunch of $1 budget CDs at the mall. The one discovered was called Three Heads on a Plate. This CD CACTII has the same production sound as Three Heads. Their sound could be described as dark, a little noisy, moody, disturbed. Like a strange blend of Chokebore, old Cows, and Flour.

You can get the Three Heads CD on amazon for usually under $2 – You’ll be saying Damn, Damn! This IS a great band! ScreamsFromTheGutter was right!


Lyrics to the track SLEEP:

the cool hard class cuts my skin. she reaches in pulls out my lung I scream wake up water runs inside my chest cavity no air to gasp no breathing mechanism to squeeze one more time to sleep compulsion hate will not wash away the acid cuts takes hold the cool hard glass cuts she reaches in pulls my lung I sleep. (Lung, 1991)
Tracks on this CD: Full Moon Again, She’s Got a Gun, Sarah, Sleep, Sub, Lurch, Hardwired, Numb, Eat the Poor, Ride. Best tracks? ALL OF THEM! Cactii was released on Yellow Bike Records from New Zealand.

Lung are: Dave White – Guitar Brent Gemmill – Drums Phil Williscroft – Bass

Track is from the Three Heads on a Plate CD

Three Heads on a Plate
The other CD to Cactii, which is just as good.