The Generators – Last of the Pariahs CD

Content ID: 3006 | by Punk

Some catch punk rock would really hit the spot right now – pop in the new Generators – Last of the Pariahs CD and POW, that is what you get. From the first track, Angels Looking Down, you get that instant rush of, oh, this sounds familiar, turn it up! Comparisons to both Social Distortion and Bad Religion come to mind in most every review of this CD – add this review to the list.

The first track really has that Social Distortion sound, but as the CD progresses you can hear more than that in the music. Track 3, titled 3 AM, is where the band sounds like The Generators on their 8th, yes EIGHTH Release – where have YOU been??

To stand out above other bands you need to write smart and catchy songs, and that is just what The Generators do on this release.

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