The Shadow

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A four track CDEP on NDN Records.

The Shadow – Wasn’t sure what to expect from a 4 song CD that says on the back cover that it was record ‘in our bedrooms’. Quickly from the first track you can hear that early 80’s blend of punk and new wave rock, you know, that early ‘lost songs’ of The Ramones with that new wave edge like the early Go Go’s ‘This Town’. The guitars have that heavy thick edge that makes for the required ‘play it loud’.


The band has that ‘just starting out’ flavor, but that is a good thing as this recording captures the band’s personality.


Progressing through the 4 track CDEP, released on NDN Records, you can hear the clear influences of early punk rock, with the nice pop desires of new wave bands like Berlin, and The Divinlys.


The closing track, Anna Manni, is a wickedly inspired song themed on ‘The Stendahl Syndrome’, a horror movie by the master Dario Argento. If you haven’t seen the movie, this song will pique your interest.


Recorded in March of 2011, in the greatest place to record music – the bedroom.